Foundry supports young people aged 12-24 in British Columbia by making the health and social services they need easy to find and easy to get to with same-day appointments.

There are eleven Foundry centres in British Columbia, with eight more on the way, each providing unique resources for young people and their family and caregivers to learn more about health and wellness and to access tools to manage and prevent challenges from getting in the way of their daily life. Through a team of healthcare professionals, counselors, social workers and peer supporters, Foundry works with young people to match the support they receive to their need, whether it’s for their mental or physical health, a substance use concern, or help looking for a job.

Working with over 200 partners from across British Columbia, Foundry centres are operated locally by community organizations and are designed by young people, for young people. Foundry’s vision is to provide inclusive and easily accessible services for young people and their families and caregivers by simply coming through the doors of a Foundry centre, or by exploring their services online at

Foundry operates in British Columbia under the Integrated Youth Services (IYS) movement in Canada to build effective, youth-focused and integrated services for mental health, substance use and related issues. While each IYS organization is adapted to its specific regional needs, they all operate within the same core principals, including youth and family participation in the design and implementation of services, integration of services across service providers, continuity of services, stepped-care models that are evidence-based, online and technology based services and a strong research and evaluation guide.

There are three additional organizations providing mental health support to Canadian youth within the IYS movement:

Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario
Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario (YWHO) is helping to ensure that youth aged 12 to 25 get the right service, at the right time in a location that is easy to access. There are currently 10 YMHO sites across the province being established to address the needs of youth related to mental health, substance use, primary care, education, training, employment, housing, peer support and other community and social services. Services emphasize quality and are timely, integrated and co-located.

Aire ouverte
Aire ouverte provides a unique space for young people aged 12 to 25 to access a range of health and wellness services under the same roof, including mental and physical health services, advice about study, work and housing, and information about legal and financial aid. Nurses, social workers and other knowledgeable staff are on hand to listen and help find solutions without judgement. There are currently 3 Aire ouverte centres in Québec with others gradually opening in every region of the province.

ACCESS Open Minds
Since 2014, ACCESS Open Minds service sites located across Canada have been providing a direct access for youth aged 11-25 to immediate help and support for mental health problems. There are currently 15 ACCESS Open Minds sites across Canada. Building on local strengths and designed with local youth and family engagement, ACCESS OM sites are unique to each community but united based on six core values and service goals:
1) youth and family engagement in design of services and are partners in their own care journey,
2) early identification: youth in need know where to go for help through active advertising and promotion,
3) rapid access: youth can access help right away and can reach out however they feel most comfortable - walk-in, phone, text or online,
4) appropriate care:connecting youth with the right services and supports, and if needed, specialized services within 30 days,
5) minimizing transitions between services and/or at age 18, and
6) continuous evaluation of services to understand their impact on youth, communities, regions and public investment

In addition to service sites located across the country, ACCESS Open Minds is supported by an active National Youth Council, National Family and Carers Council and National Indigenous Council.

Explore the map below to see where Foundry, Youth Hubs Ontario, Aire ouverte and ACCESS Open Minds are providing services: