To reflect the organization’s growth and vision, Revivre has been renamed Relief.

Relief aims to support individuals living with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder in their path towards better self-management of their mental health. Relief believes that it is possible to have good mental health and maintain healthy self-esteem, in spite of living with a mood or anxiety disorder, and to regain a good quality of life by adopting appropriate strategies.

Through self-management support workshops, Relief’s J’avance! program aims to help participants develop strategies that lead to a better daily life. These group workshops allow participants to draw on the ideas and experiences of others, and encourage empowerment so that they can regain confidence in the future and their own well-being. The program, which has been proven to be effective, is increasingly gaining recognition as an important component in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.

Since 1991, Relief has helped improve the quality of life of thousands of people by providing free support, information and self-help groups.

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