Strongest Families Institute

Strongest Families Institute (SFI) delivers services to children, youth, adults and families living with mild to moderate mental health and other issues through innovative distance-based coaching. SFI equips people with life skills, providing timely support to people in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, day and night.

By leveraging tools such as technology, skilled telephone coaches, easy-to-use materials and demonstration videos, SFI uses its unique distance coaching approach to teach skills and support clients. SFI reaches families within 24-48 business hours following referral receipt, allowing for timely access to supports.

Examples of programs delivered by SFI include Chase Worries Away (ages 6-12) and Defeat Anxiety (ages 13 – 17) which educate parents and children about anxiety and guide them as they learn skills to help cope with worry in real life as well are Parents Empowering Kids (ages 3-12) which supports parents as they learn positive parenting strategies. Program outcomes demonstrate that families experience improvements in presenting issues, academic progress, strengthened family relationships, and improved home and school routines. Additionally, 99% of families rate the overall quality of service as excellent or very good.

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