Jack.org is empowering young leaders to revolutionize mental health from coast to coast to coast. Jack.org is working towards a Canada where all young people understand how to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other. A Canada without shame, and where all those who need support, get the help they deserve.

Through Jack Chapters and programs like Jack Talks and Jack Summits, young leaders identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in communities, high schools, post-secondary campuses, and anywhere youth gather. Through ground-breaking resources like Be There, Jack.org is ensuring that young people have the tools they need to support anyone who might be struggling with their mental health. And through digital content like jack.originals, the organization is spreading important stories and education to young people everywhere.

Jack.org has been working through the COVID-19 crisis to support the mental health of young people, and to give them the tools, resources and connections they need to take care of themselves and each other through these challenging times. To learn more, check out the links below.

Experience the Jack Talk (Virtual Mental Health Education)
COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub
Start a Jack Chapter
Be There
Do Something

Visit Jack.org's website: jack.org

Explore the map below to see the schools and communities who have started a Jack.org Chapter.