Canadian Mental Health Association

Providing support and promoting positive mental health from coast to coast to coast.

The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a nationwide organization that promotes mental health and supports people recovering from mental illness. CMHA provides advocacy, programs and resources in over 330 communities across every province and one territory with the goal of helping all Canadians to prevent illness, build resilience and flourish and thrive.

As the only national organization dedicated to the full spectrum of mental health and mental illness, CMHA pushes for systems and policy change at both the national and community levels. Its important work to address key mental health priorities spans mental health promotion, suicide prevention, youth mental health, peer support, addictions and eating disorders, campus mental health, community research, first responders and Veterans.

CMHA understands that part of good mental health is having a strong sense of belonging, community and connection. The 101-year-old organization is connected to a Canada-wide network of members, volunteers, clients, staff, donors, sponsors and partners. They work together to offer a diverse and inclusive range of local, regional and national mental health programs, services, supports and expertise.

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