Véronique Bannon

Beginning at the age of 14, Véronique Bannon starred for seven years in the teen television series Watatatow, which aired on Radio-Canada. She then joined the cast of Fabienne Larouche’s soap opera for eight years, which was also on Radio-Canada. Véronique’s career has since included two years on Lance et compte, several stage and movie roles, and a stint as a co-host with René Simard on the singing competition show L’heure de gloire. After attempting suicide in 2010, Véronique decided to dedicate herself to the cause of mental illness. As a spokesperson for the organization Revivre, she plays an active role in a range of mental health awareness initiatives.

In January 2017, she hosted a documentary produced by Guy Latraverse, La dépression puis après, in which she meets with three people who experienced depression and attempted suicide 20 years ago. These individuals share their stories as well as their journeys toward achieving mental wellness, making it an uplifting film whose central message is hope.

Véronique is passionate about helping people suffering from mental illness and those living with stricken loved ones. With compassion and empathy, she works to break down taboos and to help make a difference. As a mother, she also hopes to foster support, love and understanding among the next generation.

It all begins with us and anything is possible.

Bell Let's Talk Day

On Bell Let’s Talk Day, the entire nation spoke up. Your actions resulted in Bell committing more money to mental health and helped Canada become one step closer towards being a country that’s stigma-free.

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The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund

The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund is focused on improving access to supports and services for people living with mental illness through local projects and grassroots organizations in communities all around Canada.

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