Tyler Simmonds

Tyler grew up a hypersensitive child who became easily upset. Being in a group caused him a great deal of anxiety, and he often experienced depressive feelings. He was convinced that all other children experienced the same thing. As he grew up, Tyler often found himself feeling sad, possibly because of his empathy for the outside world. He worried so much about others that he had a hard time sleeping. At age 17, Tyler began to feel like an outsider and could not find meaning to his life. Having suicidal thoughts scared Tyler, and he searched the Internet to try to find out what he was experiencing. He found information on anxiety and depression and shared his findings with his parents who struggled to reach the same conclusion. They had noticed their son’s oversensitivity, but thought that was just his nature. Wanting Tyler to be happy, they immediately meet with health care professionals who worked to help him.

It took a few years to find the right medication and a psychologist who suited Tyler’s personality. During that time, he developed mechanisms to help him feel better such as yoga, meditation, sports and spending time outdoors. By turning toward spirituality, Tyler has found greater inner peace. Despite it all, he has to accept that life is full of peaks and valleys. Some days are darker than others, but Tyler does his best to make sure his depression doesn’t lead to a state of hopelessness. He manages to see the positive side of his mental health issues and believes that he is more in touch with himself than the average person. Tyler’s sensitivity nourishes his creativity, which he passionately channels into his short films.

Bell Let's Talk Day

SMALL ACTIONS - BIG IMPACT. On Bell Let’s Talk Day, Bell donated more towards mental health initiatives in Canada by contributing 5¢ for every applicable text, call, tweet, social media video view and use of our Facebook frame or Snapchat filter.

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The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund

The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund is focused on improving access to supports and services for people living with mental illness through local projects and grassroots organizations in communities all around Canada.

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