Michel counts himself lucky. He is surrounded by a loving family and old friends, and has a job which he is about passionate about that provides him a good living. He appreciates his stable and comfortable life every single day. He is far from the dark period he lived in his twenties.

In his early twenties, Michel was very industrious. He did well in school and was very involved in many extra-curricular activities. Life was full of excitement but insidiously, a weariness began to overcome him. Everyday moments which once had brought pleasure seemed to lose their meaning. Eventually even his mental and physical capacities began to fail. But, even while Michel was exhausted, enveloped by a profound sadness, a flicker of hope was still alive within him.

As chance would have it, he had a pivotal encounter. He came across someone in the health field who had the right combination of theoretical and practical wisdom. It made sense and he could trust what was being shared. His greatest wish was so simple: he wanted to feel “normal” again, to rediscover life’s daily joys. He had to start by doing the basics: eating, sleeping, and moving. With some help, perseverance and a lot of patience, he also tried a variety of tools that had helped others in the past. He remained open-minded throughout; the recovery process is a long and very personal journey.

Through this long and arduous journey, Michel built his self-confidence back up and learned to accept that he no longer had to aim for perfection. To this day, he continues to savour this change in himself. By being less critical and demanding of himself, he is less stressed and even appreciates the value of his accomplishments. Thanks to this period of introspection, Michel came to understand what was good for him and his overall balance. He continues to savour the joy that the stability of his daily life brings him.

Community Fund Advisory Committee

Mental health leaders in communities across Canada provide guidance and advice in the selection of Community Fund grant recipients.

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Diversity Fund Circle of Advisors

A circle of advisors, comprised of mental health experts, community leaders and people with lived experience from within Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities assist in the review process and provide advice and consultation on the development and future evolution of the fund.

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