Howard Steiger

Dr. Steiger is Director of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute’s Eating Disorders Program (EDP), the only large-scale, specialized program for the treatment of adults suffering from eating disorders in the Province of Quebec. The EDP offers inpatient, day hospital/day program, and outpatient treatments in a full range of treatment modalities, as well as community outreach/knowledge transfer services. Dr. Steiger is active as a clinician, teacher, and researcher and has published numerous clinical, scientific, and theoretical articles in the area of eating disorders (EDs). His recent research focuses on developmental, neurobiological, and genetic correlates of the EDs and commonly associated psychopathology. He and other researchers in his lab are also examining factors that predict response during and after specialized treatments—including developmental and genetic factors, current life stressors, patient motivation, ongoing treatment alliance, and other factors. Dr. Steiger is immediate past president of the Eating Disorders Research Society (2007–2008) and has recently served as a member of the executive and of various committees of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED). He has been a regular presenter (of plenary talks, scientific papers, and workshops) at various international conferences on eating disorders.

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