Gord Cobey

Chief Gord Cobey has been a police officer for over 25 years. Relatively early in his career, Gord went through a period when he felt overwhelmed by the stressors of his work and personal life. He was unable to sleep and his life at home and work was negatively impacted. He sought help to deal with the situation. The psychologist helped him to realize that what he was experiencing was the result of a series of personal and professional events. This gave Gord a better understanding of what he was going through and how to manage his mental health. In the end, this was a very positive experience for him. Gord feels it is essential to have more informed and compassionate discussions about mental health at home and in our workplaces. By looking after oneself and being kind to others, we can eliminate stigma and make people realize that mental health is an inherent part of our overall health.

Community Fund Advisory Committee

Mental health leaders in communities across Canada provide guidance and advice in the selection of Community Fund grant recipients.

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Diversity Fund Circle of Advisors

A circle of advisors, comprised of mental health experts, community leaders and people with lived experience from within Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities assist in the review process and provide advice and consultation on the development and future evolution of the fund.

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