Daniel Limoges

A typical child and a good student, Daniel always did just fine when he was in an environment with clearly defined limits. With less supervision in high school, Daniel started to lose his bearings. Facing discrimination and harassment from several classmates, Daniel’s confidence was shaken, and he no longer knew who he was. Thus began his search for identity. He would start projects, but was not always able to finish them. He was looking for challenges to prove to himself that he could tackle them, but also to attract attention. It was at this time that Daniel was also starting to question his sexual orientation. The disappointments and frustrations piled up. At age 40, Daniel experienced his first bout of depression, and thought he could recover by himself. He launched himself wholeheartedly into a major project with his partner, which enabled him to regain his self-confidence and temporarily push away the symptoms of his depression. A few years went by and Daniel felt he was doing better, but his malaise resurfaced. This time, he sought out the help he needed to begin a new chapter in his life.

Daniel attended group meetings to help him better cope with his anxiety. He became aware of his issues and, more importantly, of his capabilities. Daniel made a quick recovery, and emerged with a strong desire to educate people about mental health. This is why he is involved in the academic curriculum of social work undergraduates at Université de Sherbrooke, helping students go through situational exercises derived from his own personal experiences. As he does with mental health researchers at the same university, Daniel shares his experiences to break down the walls between theory and practice. Thanks to his involvement, he has been able to find a place for himself. Daniel has found inner peace now that he is in harmony with who he is.

Bell Let's Talk Day

On Bell Let’s Talk Day, the entire nation spoke up. Your actions resulted in Bell committing more money to mental health and helped Canada become one step closer towards being a country that’s stigma-free.

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The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund

The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund is focused on improving access to supports and services for people living with mental illness through local projects and grassroots organizations in communities all around Canada.

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