Bruno Guévremont

Bruno Guévremont continues to inspire greatness on battlefields and in boardrooms, building high-performance leaders and organizations in every arena he enters. Rekindling and sparking greatness, bridging generations, and connecting those in uniforms with those in power suits. Today, Bruno helps high-profile CEOs, executives, managers and organizations navigate a clear path to their next level of greatness. Sustainable peak performance is achievable. And Bruno will take you there.

Mental Health Advocate

Bruno spent 15 years with the Canadian Armed Forces, serving two tours in Afghanistan. He spent his second tour as a part of an anti-explosives team in Afghanistan; a busy outfit that dealt with more than 100 IEDs (improvised explosive devices). Returning home, he realized that his own mental health was deteriorating. In 2014, he was medically released from the Canadian Armed Forces and began searching for a path to recovery. Later that year, he completed a challenging expedition in the North Pole with the True Patriot Love Foundation. The expedition (captured in the 2015 documentary, March To The Pole) was transformational, spawning Bruno’s personal quest to advance mental health awareness through influence and exposure.

High-Performance Catalyst Coach

In 2013, Bruno opened his own fitness facility where he trained clients to achieve the best versions of themselves - physically, mentally and emotionally. In 2016, he took his coaching role a step further, leading a team of 30 ill and injured soldiers and Veterans as Captain of Team Canada at Prince Harry’s Invictus Games. Today, Bruno continues to serve as an Ambassador of the Invictus Games, as he helps Veterans and First Responders overcome their injuries and uncover their greatness. Bruno works with some of the biggest Veteran organizations in the world, high-profile CEOs, world-class athletes and fast-tracking companies—helping each to establish a solid foundation for sustainable peak performance. As a nationally known public speaker and consultant, Bruno’s own performance and reputation are rising just as fast as his clientele’s. He continues to inspire and coach individuals and organizations to achieve greatness in the areas that matter most: business, personal finance, relationships, families, careers and well-being.