Creating positive change and supporting Canada’s mental health

The impact of each interaction on Bell Let’s Talk Day has been felt across the nation. Thank you to all those who continue to speak up about mental illness. Together, we can all play a role in creating positive change.

The Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund will provide grants in the range of $5,000 to $25,000 to projects that improve access to mental health care, supports and services for people in Canada. Click here for more information.

In July 2020, Bell Let’s Talk announced a new $5 million Diversity Fund to support the mental health and well-being of members of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities across Canada. For more information, click here.

Small action. Big impact.


Total number of interactions



to mental health initiatives


Community Fund grants

$20.8 million in funding

Children & Youth

$2.7 million in funding

Indigenous communities

$2.1 million in funding

Military family support

Bell Let’s Talk has partnered with more than 1,100 organizations who have supported over


Canadians with access to mental health services

$13 million

in Community Fund grants


crisis and distress

line users


children & youth reached


Canadians supported

through technology-based mental health programs


trained staff and volunteers


military families helped

through the Bell True Patriot Love Fund


of Canadians reported believing attitudes about mental illness have changed for the better

since Bell Let’s Talk began

* Infographics representative of 2010-2020

La rue des Femmes – Montréal, QC

In collaboration with public health partners, the Bell Let’s Talk grant will help to expand the range of therapeutic care activities and services for 1600 homeless women in the downtown Montréal area. Activities and services include psychotherapy, art therapy, drama therapy, addiction counselling, and choir.

Community Fund Québec 2020

Alternative Naissance – Montréal, QC

Alternative Naissance has been offering activities and services aimed at humanizing birth and supporting families during the perinatal period. The funding will enable postpartum meetings to support and soothe parents experiencing perinatal bereavement or a difficult delivery for 38 new mothers and their spouses. Meetings will consist of 10 perinatal bereavement support sessions and three series of 12 meetings for difficult childbirth reaching 50 women per year.

Community Fund Québec 2020

Les YMCA du Québec – Montréal, QC

The Plusone mentoring program will help 80 at-risk youth between the ages of 10 and 17 develop healthy relationships and coping mechanisms, integrating them in their community and increasing their sense of resilience and personal ambition for the future. The program will be run between 12 to 15 months with one individual mentoring meeting per week. Some of the funding will be devoted to training 40 to 60 YMCA employees and volunteers in suicide prevention, and accompaniment, coping with stress and anxiety, as well as youth mental health and other disorders.

Community Fund Québec 2020

Mon shack... Mes choix... Mon avenir ! (Mon Shack) – Sherbrooke, QC

The Bell Let’s Talk donation will provide psychosocial support and encourage recovery and autonomy for 105 young adults between 18 and 35 years old with mental health issues living at Mon Shack’s supervised apartments in a bilingual and stimulating environment in the Estrie region. Individual consultation and adapted follow-ups will enable each person to set objectives, get support, prevent relapse, and help with social reintegration.

Community Fund Québec 2020

L’Amarrage – Val-Belair, QC

Bell Let’s Talk funding will increase the number of customized prevention workshops from two to three to help 45 indigenous people in the Québec city region. Workshops are co-constructed with the participants and the counsellor based on particular cultural and social characteristics of the Indigenous communities. Workshops use adapted language and meaningful examples by integrating a holistic approach and cultural security as a way to provide support and promote good mental health.

Community Fund Québec 2020

Centre de Prévention du Suicide de Senneterre – Senneterre, QC

Funding from Bell Let’s Talk will allow the organization to hire an additional resource for a suicide prevention project. The goal is to get people out of isolation through organized activities to avoid suicidal thoughts and to improve their quality of life and thus change their outlook on life. This project will increase the number of wellness activities that are offered twice a week to five times a week and will benefit 60 individuals that already use their services or that are referred to them.

Community Fund Québec 2020

Société Québécoise de la Schizophrénie et des psychoses apparentées (SQS) – Montréal, QC

The Bell Let’s Talk donation will pay the salary of a second peer supporter to serve as a model of hope, a coach, and a resource to offer support for people with schizophrenia. The peer helper will accompany 200 people with serious mental health issues via workshops and less formal coffee shop meetings. The additional peer support person will also enable the SQS to expand its outreach service as well in smaller remoter cities outside of Montréal.

Community Fund Québec 2020

Centre d’Expertise Poids, Image et Alimentation (CEPIA) de l’Université Laval – Québec, QC

Managed by the University’s Centre d’Expertise Poids, Image et Alimentation (CEPIA), the Bell Let’s Talk donation will help develop and implement a prevention, screening, and intervention program for young Québecers between the age of 14 and 24 years old with hyperphagia (excessive and abnormal appetite for food). This will include a preventive component, a web platform presenting educational material and an instant screening test. The material will also include video clips and explanatory texts, quizzes, and bibliographical and professional references.

Community Fund Québec 2020