Growing the global conversation and supporting Canada’s mental health

The impact of each interaction on Bell Let’s Talk Day has been felt across the nation. Thank you to all those who continue to speak up about mental illness. Let’s keep the conversation going and work together to create a stigma-free Canada.

The 2018 Community Fund is providing grants in the range of $5,000 to $25,000 to projects that improve access to mental health care, supports and services for people in Canada. Click here for more information.

Small action. Big impact.


Total number of interactions



in Community Fund grants


Community Fund grants

$3.53 million in grants

Children & Youth

$788K in grants

Indigenous communities

$1.6 million in grants

Military family support


Individuals supported with access to mental health care

$93.4 million


to mental health initiatives


crisis and distress

line callers


children & youth reached

through Bell Let’s Talk programs


individuals supported

through technology-based mental health programs


trained staff and volunteers


military families helped

through the Bell True Patriot Fund


of Canadians reported that they are more aware of mental health issues

since Bell Let’s Talk began

* Infographics representative of 2011-2018

Association laurentienne des proches de la personne atteinte de maladie mentale - La Halte des Proches – Saint-Jérôme, QC

The program supported by Bell Let’s Talk funding targets children in families where a family member is dealing with mental illness. It involves providing the children with a better understanding of mental illness, along with appropriate strategies and tools to better handle the daily challenges and cope with the stress of living with a family member with mental illness.

Community fund Quebec 2018

L'Arrêt-Source inc. – Montréal, QC

To help young women who face mental health, abuse, addiction and family challenges, l'Arrêt-Source has created a program in collaboration with the Victoria Institute to provide women aged 18-30 with the skills they need to re-integrate into society. Bell Let’s Talk funding will support this intervention program, unique in Québec, which includes weekly group meetings covering skills development, effective interpersonal relationships, self-awareness and emotional self-regulation. The program also includes individualized follow-up.

Community fund Quebec 2018

Fondation Santé Haut-Richelieu-Rouville – Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

Bell Let’s Talk funding will help the foundation upgrade facilities in the psychiatric unit at the Haut-Richelieu hospital to provide a better environment to enhance recovery. In addition to providing a cover for the patio and updated furnishings, the project will create a private and safe place for patients to meet with their loved ones.

Community fund Quebec 2018

Communautés Solidaires - Québec, QC

The grant will cover the field worker’s salary for a new intervention program called Entraid'aînés. This aims to enable vulnerable clients who are at risk of being placed in a public facility because of their exclusion to stay in their own homes longer. The project aims to reduce the isolation and psychological distress of residents of the Capitale-National region aged 60 and over, through home visits that enhance their personal, social and financial well-being.

Community fund Quebec 2018

Centre Inter-Section – Gatineau, QC

To provide help to more people who hear voices, the Bell Let’s Talk grant will be used to train 150 volunteers. It will also train people to coordinate and oversee the province’s 3 help lines and then promote the new service with the health and social services network in partnership with Tel-Aide Outaouais and its partners.

Community fund Quebec 2018

Association québécoise des parents et amis de la personne atteinte de maladie mentale (AQPAMM) – Montréal, QC

Recognizing the need to support young people who are mental health caregivers for family members, this organization will use Bell Let’s Talk funding to for its T'as ta place! program. This will provide same-day psychosocial support via text or in person, information workshops as well as drama and art therapy on the island of Montréal.

Community fund Quebec 2018

Tel-Écoute/Tel-Aînés - Montréal, QC

Bell funds will enable the modernization of call-in lines to give better coverage and the ability to answer more calls. IP technology would enable the volunteers to answer calls from home, making it easier for them to serve. It would also enable this group to network with partners across Québec so that calls can be shared to cover periods when listeners are in short supply. New lines would provide more data on calls that can be used to continuously improve the service.

Community fund Quebec 2018

Women’s Centre of Montréal - Montréal, QC

Through a project titled Il était une fois et une fois il sera, the Centre will invest the Bell grant in an increased number of workshops for victims of sexual assault during childhood, involving participants in creating videos by their experiences. In so doing, the Centre aims to reduce psychological distress and help participants create a support network, regain control over their lives and continue along their path towards healing and raise awareness with family members, the public and stakeholders about the impact of sexual assault during childhood.

Community fund Quebec 2018