Creating positive change and supporting Canada’s mental health

The impact of each interaction on Bell Let’s Talk Day has been felt across the nation. Thank you to all those who continue to speak up about mental illness. Together, we can all play a role in creating positive change.

The Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund will provide grants in the range of $5,000 to $25,000 to projects that improve access to mental health care, supports and services for people in Canada. Click here for more information.

In July 2020, Bell Let’s Talk announced a new $5 million Diversity Fund to support the mental health and well-being of members of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities across Canada. For more information, click here.

Small action. Big impact.


Total number of interactions



to mental health initiatives


Community Fund grants

$17.5 million in funding

Children & Youth

$2.2 million in funding

Indigenous communities

$1.82 million in funding

Military family support

Bell Let’s Talk has partnered with more than 1,000 organizations who have supported over


Canadians with access to mental health services

+$11 million

in Community Fund grants


crisis and distress

line users


children & youth reached


Canadians supported

through technology-based mental health programs


trained staff and volunteers


military families helped

through the Bell True Patriot Love Fund


of Canadians reported believing attitudes about mental illness have changed for the better

since Bell Let’s Talk began

* Infographics representative of 2010-2020

Fondation Le Grand Chemin - Montréal, QC

The project aims to help people by providing enhanced crisis intervention services for adolescents 12 to 17 years of age who struggle with addiction and other associated issues. The improved services will help ensure timely follow-up treatment in the foundation's three centres- Montréal, Ville de Québec and Saint­Célestin.

Community Fund Québec 2012

Fondation Tel-Jeunes - QC (Province-wide)

The project enables services offered by Tel-Jeunes and LigneParents to be improved by providing mental health training to their 35 professional counsellors so they will be better equipped to respond to the growing number of calls concerning mental health problems.

Community Fund Québec 2012

Groupe de ressources pour le trouble de panique (GRTP) - Saguenay, Jonquière, QC

The project will support youth (12-17) who have anxiety disorders. The organization will create a new intervention guide and set up workshops for young people suffering from mental illness disorders.

Community Fund Québec 2012

L'Équipe Entreprise - Dorval, QC

L'Equipe Entreprise will hire a life coach to give new workshops to clients living with mental illness on self-esteem in addition to the back-to-work programs, including such topics as preparing healthy frozen meals, catering services and services for seniors.

Community Fund Québec 2012

L'Oasis de Lotbinière - Saint-Flavien, QC

This project will enhance the work integration program in the community including a pre-hiring campaign designed for and geared to local businesses. The goal is to identify local businesses who can offer jobs to participants living with and recovering from mental health illnesses.

Community Fund Québec 2012

La Rencontre, groupe d'entraide pour personnes atteintes de maladie mentale - Sainte-Marie-de-Beauce, QC

This organization provides social support for individuals experiencing mental health problems. The organization will improve accessibility to services by purchasing a vehicle that will be used to transport members, since most participants either do not have the means to own a car, live in rural areas or do not have access to public transit.

Community Fund Québec 2012

Le Mûrier - Montréal, QC

This organization will put the Bell Fund to work to with its 'Let's cook together!' project. This is a new outreach program that involves going to participants' homes to teach them how to cook nutritious meals with what they have at home. Participants learn about proper nutrition and how to shop and budget for groceries.

Community Fund Québec 2012

Le Murmure, groupe d'entraide - Beauceville, QC

The organization will promote awareness and public education and expand the Senti-Mentalités project, which was created in the fall of 2011 and has been very successful. Members and a spokesperson visit the region to educate the local population and businesses about the realities of people living with mental health problems.

Community Fund Québec 2012