Creating positive change and supporting Canada’s mental health

The impact of each interaction on Bell Let’s Talk Day has been felt across the nation. Thank you to all those who continue to speak up about mental illness. Together, we can all play a role in creating positive change.

The Bell Let’s Talk Community Fund will provide grants in the range of $5,000 to $25,000 to projects that improve access to mental health care, supports and services for people in Canada. In July 2020, Bell Let’s Talk announced a new $5 million Diversity Fund to support the mental health and well-being of members of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour communities across Canada. In January 2021 we launched the new Bell Let’s Talk Post-Secondary Fund to support Canadian colleges and universities in implementing the National Standard of Canada for Mental Health and Well-Being for Post-Secondary Students.

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Small action. Big impact.


Total number of interactions



to mental health initiatives


Community Fund grants

$28.6 million in funding

Young Canadians

$3.3 million in funding

Indigenous communities

$2.1 million in funding

Military family support

Bell Let’s Talk has partnered with more than 1,300 organizations who have supported


Canadians with access to mental health services

$15 million

in Community Fund grants


crisis and distress

line users


children & youth reached


Canadians supported

through technology-based mental health programs


trained staff and volunteers


military families helped

through the Bell True Patriot Love Fund


of Canadians reported believing attitudes about mental illness have changed for the better

since Bell Let’s Talk began

* Infographics representative of 2010-2022

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University of New Brunswick – Implementation Grant

Bell Let’s Talk will support a Diversity Wellness position at the university over a two-year period. The position will work with Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous People of Color (QTBIPOC) students to identify and address needs for positive mental health with a focus on training resources, increasing a sense of belonging and reducing barriers to support services.

Post-Secondary Fund Atlantic 2022

Assiniboine Community College – Implementation Grant

Funded through the Bell Let’s Talk Post-Secondary Fund, a new Peer Support Program for Wellness will provide a supportive, safe and inclusive post-secondary environment at the college. The student-led program will create additional supports, training, referrals and inclusive and safe spaces where students can collaborate and support each other.

Post-Secondary Fund Prairies 2022

The University of Calgary – Implementation Grant

The two-year project funded through the Bell Let’s Talk Post-Secondary Fund will help in the development of a virtual navigation system using a Chabot. Available in over 100 languages and available 24/7, the Chatbot will allow students to identify the most relevant mental health information to address their questions or concerns in a quick and intuitive manner whether students are on or off campus.

Post-Secondary Fund Prairies 2022

Centennial College, George Brown College, Humber College, Seneca College and Sheridan College (GTA) – Implementation Grant

Bell Let’s Talk will support a collaborative partnership between five Colleges in the GTA. The colleges will work together to develop an implementation framework and create a rubric of exemplary practice to asses and identify examples of indicators for each dimension of the National Standard of Canada for Mental Health and Well-Being for Post-Secondary Students.

Post-Secondary Fund Ontario 2022

Lakehead University – Implementation Grant

Bell Let's Talk will assist with Lakehead's initiative to support students’ mental health by building individual capacity to sustain well-being and by increasing the availability and scope of resources available to students. The initiative includes a mental health screening program, increased training for members of the campus communities to recognize signs of distress, the development of a mental health dashboard and a campus-wide anti-stigma campaign.

Post-Secondary Fund Ontario 2022

McMaster University – Implementation Grant

The Bell Let’s Talk Post-Secondary Fund Grant will enable the University to hire a Mental Health Case Manager for a Student Urgent Response Team (SURT). SURT is a mental health outreach and support service that will assist students facing crises on campus. It aims to reduce reliance on security or police in a student mental health crises and increase reliance on mental health professionals to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with these encounters.

Post-Secondary Fund Ontario 2022

University of Waterloo – Implementation Grant

To promote continuous dialogue with students, staff, faculty, and the wider university community regarding aspects of mental health and well-being, the Bell Let’s Talk grant will support the expansion of the University’s Mental Health Literacy (MHL) program. Funding will support the MHL program facilitator to expand the program campus-wide, develop a community of practice and facilitate discussions with leaders from academic support services to build MHL components into pedagogy and the classroom environment.

Post-Secondary Fund Ontario 2022

Cégep de Sherbrooke – Implementation Grant

The Bell Let’s Talk funding will support the creation, implementation and evaluation of a pilot training project offered to the entire community, which will allow students to acquire concrete tools related to psychological health and focus on the development of various psychosocial and socio-emotional skills that promote well-being. It will also allow implementation of an ambitious campaign to raise awareness, create a culture of caring and promote psychological health within the institution.

Post-Secondary Fund Québec 2022

École de technologie supérieure – Implementation Grant

The Bell Let’s Talk funding will provide resources to create and implement awareness and promotion of healthy life habits and offer mental health strategies during outside normal hours. This will help fill a gap in services for their unique and isolated students, often coming from outside Montréal or international students.

Post-Secondary Fund Québec 2022

Université de Montréal – Implementation Grant

Using algorithms, funding from Bell Let’s Talk will help develop a mobile APP for students. The APP will target students' needs and will include an interface for the user to, monitor students psychological distress reactions; guide them in the use of coping strategies as needed and refer them to a specific help resource for their needs. The application will explain to the students the normalcy of some of their reactions in order to reassure while personalizing and popularizing the recommendations sent according to the evolution of his/her condition.

Post-Secondary Fund Québec 2022

Université de Sherbrooke – Implementation Grant

The Bell Let’s Talk funding will support the implementation of various mental health initiatives and strategies based on knowledge and on a systemic approach, and adapted to the reality of the students. The initiatives aim to develop students' psychosocial skills, raise awareness of mental health within the university community, to create a culture that combines performance and caring and to promote peer support. A team of coaches supports the faculties in the implementation of the initiatives and a team of researchers supports their evaluation.

Post-Secondary Fund Québec 2022

Université du Québec à Chicoutimi – Implementation Grant

The Bell Let’s Talk donation will help develop a living lab, with the goal of making mental health issues more visible and concrete. Bringing together students, teachers, researchers and university staff, this co-creation project aims to evaluate the impact of physical or virtual spaces on mental health, as well as the promotion and prevention of mental health within the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi. To do so, the Dataviz Lab, which is a space for dialogue and exchange available at UQAC, will also serve as a place to raise awareness.

Post-Secondary Fund Québec 2022

Nisa Foundation

Nisa Helpline provides peer to peer counselling for women from South Asian, Arab, and African descent. Nisa Helpline’s “Her Wellness Journey” will focus on impacting individuals and the community through two means: further increasing access to mental health services as well as reducing stigma towards care.

Diversity Fund Multiple regions 2022


L’Hybridé will offer face to face or virtual psychotherapy services throughout Quebec and will share its expertise on international adoption issues and its psychological repercussions with interns, trainees, community organizations, universities and health service providers through conferences and training sessions.

Diversity Fund Québec 2022

Healthy Start, Healthy Future

The “Mental Health for Us, by Us” program is a phased project to develop sustainable perinatal mental health peer-support programming tailored to marginalized groups, particularly those part of the BIPOC community.

Diversity Fund Multiple regions 2022