Online Depression Screening Test Available This Week

Calgary , Wednesday, October 5, 2016

National Depression Screening Day (NDSD) is this Thursday, October 6. During the week of October 3 to 9 Calgary Counselling Centre with help from national and community partners, including Bell Let’s Talk, is offering a free public service to raise awareness of depression through a short, anonymous online screening test.

The online test takes less than five minutes to complete and it offers individuals the opportunity to be tested for depressive symptoms with complete anonymity, from any computer or mobile device in both English and French.

Part of Calgary Counselling Centre’s objective to raise awareness of mental health issues and encourage those who need it to get help, the screening does not attempt to offer a diagnosis, but points out to participants the presence or absence of depressive symptoms and then offers a recommendation for further evaluation if needed.

Depression is the most treatable of all mental health issues, however only half of those affected seek help. NDSD is a tool to help the Centre elevate awareness about depression, help assess the community needs and encourage those who are struggling with it to seek help.

To access the test please visit: