Bell Let's Talk Diversity Fund – Ka Ni Kanichihk

Winnipeg, Thursday, June 2, 2022

Bell Let’s Talk Diversity Fund partner Ka Ni Kanichihk talks about their Cultural Wellness and Elder Care project and how they are embedding Indigenous ways of being and doing as part of healing and wellness for families and community.

“Bell Let’s Talk understands the importance of investing in and with Indigenous peoples. The Cultural Wellness and Elder Care project will provide holistic, wrap-around mental health and wellness supports. By enabling healing pathways, social transformations and actions will lead to positive lifestyles causing ripple effects into healthier families, guided trauma recovery, supported healing and tools and resources necessary to overcome barriers. This project was designed with the Indigenous community and will be delivered by an all-Indigenous team, through Ka Ni Kanichihk, an Indigenous-led organization. There’s tremendous strength in working together, and the support and partnership of Bell Let’s Talk makes such a difference.”

-Dodie Jordaan, Executive Director, Ka Ni Kanichihk Inc.

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