Students embrace Bell Let’s Talk on campuses across Canada

Montreal , Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Building on a very successful Student Athlete Initiative in 2017, Bell Let’s Talk has expanded the program to include more students on campuses across the country.

As a national day to spark the conversation about mental health, Bell Let’s Talk Day can help student services departments showcase various mental health programs already offered on campus, while also helping schools achieve their own mental health goals.

Leading up to and on Bell Let’s Talk Day, more than 200 on-campus conferences and other events are planned already, including participation by student-athletes who are helping spread the conversation again this year including 100 varsity and collegiate games. By expanding the initiative, the aim is to encourage a conversation about mental health while providing a platform for schools to showcase and promote their own mental health programs and services.

Caption: Carleton University students gearing up for a week-long series of mental health events including a Mental Wellness Fair hosted by students on Bell Let’s Talk Day.

Carleton students include: Nigel Waite, Laura Haniford, Samantha Phillips, Caeleigh Wannamaker, Briana Hogg and Caprise Perrineau.