Bell Let’s Talk Day is Wednesday, January 29

On Bell Let’s Talk Day, Bell will donate more towards mental health initiatives in Canada by contributing 5¢ for every applicable text, call, tweet, social media video view and use of our Facebook frame or Snapchat filter.

Help create positive change

When it comes to mental health, every action counts.

Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020: Advocating
Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020: Caring
Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020: Talking

5 simple ways to end the stigma and start a conversation

Stigma can often prevent those struggling with a mental illness from seeking the help they need. Developed in partnership with Dr. Heather Stuart, the Bell Canada Mental Health and Anti-stigma Research Chair at Queen's University, here are 5 simple ways to help end the stigma and initiate a conversation.

Your words matter

The words you use can make all the difference. Words can help, but they can also hurt. What would you choose?

  • Schizo
  • Crazy
  • Person with schizophrenia
  • Person with a mental illness

Did you know?

When it comes to mental illness, education is key. Having the right tools, knowing the right words to use and understanding how to correctly speak with someone experiencing a mental illness can make all the difference. View the Bell Let’s Talk Toolkit

Kindness is key

Simple kindness can make a world of a difference. Whether it be a smile, being a good listener or an invitation for a chat over coffee, these simple acts of kindness can help open up the conversation and let someone know you’re there for them.

Expressions like “You’ll get over it” and “Just relax” can hurt more than help. Instead, offer your support and say “I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well” or better yet, ask what you can do to help.

Your presence is all it takes

Mental illness is a very common form of human pain and suffering. Being a good listener and asking how you can help or simply just being there for people you care about can be the first step to recovery.

Here are a few examples of what to ask:

  • I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well.
  • I’ve noticed you’ve been down lately. Is everything OK?
  • How can I help?

Break the silence

Two out of three people suffer in silence, fearing judgement and rejection. Being open to a conversation is the first step towards eliminating the stigma.

Know the facts, be kind, be a good listener and a friend. Be part of the conversation to eliminate the stigma once and for all.

The Right Here, Right Now drop-in counselling program has helped 460 women, a 37% increase from the previous year thanks, in part, to a donation of $25,000 from Bell Let's Talk. Funding has allowed us to be responsive to the needs of women through hiring an essential second part-time counsellor and increasing our evening hours.

Laura Winters, Executive Director, St. John's Status of Women Council / Women's Centre

Kids Help Phone engages in more than 1,500 texting, phone and chat conversations and initiates 4-6 active rescues in communities every day. Bell’s support has been vital to ensuring we are at the forefront of technology.

Katherine Hay, President & CEO, Kids Help Phone

As a result of Bell’s Community Fund grant, we have provided clients living in local, rural and northern outreach locations with 473 urgent psychiatric consultations and have performed 471 crisis assessments.

Anne Sprack, Clinical Manager , Urgent Response and Care Transitions, Health Sciences North

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversary of Bell Let's Talk Day! Get ready for the world's biggest conversation about mental health and make every action count

Montréal, Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Tomorrow is the 10th annual Bell Let's Talk Day and everyone is invited to celebrate by taking action to create positive change for Canadians living with mental illness. You can join in Bell Let's Talk Day events and take action by talking, texting and getting engaged on social media to drive the conversation and Bell's donations to mental health too.

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Bell Let's Talk supports renovations at 5 psychiatric departments in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Chicoutimi, Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Bell Let's Talk today announced a donation of $225,000 to Fondation de ma vie for the refurbishment of 5 psychiatric departments at 3 hospitals in Saguenay‒Lac-Saint-Jean. Bell's donation, along with a $75,000 investment by the Fondation, will have a meaningful impact on patients and their families in the region, enhancing the support available close to home.

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Bell Let's Talk supports access to state-of-the-art mental health services at Brampton Civic Hospital

Brampton, Monday, January 27, 2020

Bell Let's Talk today announced a donation of $420,000 to William Osler Health System (Osler) to support a new repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) Clinic at Osler's Brampton Civic Hospital. The clinic is part of Osler's innovative Stepped Care Program that provides leading-edge, high-intensity treatment for patients with mental illness.

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