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Learn how to recognize signs of mental health struggles in yourself and your peers in the latest Jack Talk.

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Virtual Jack talks/pre-recorded talks for individuals

The virtual Jack Talk is designed for young people aged 15-24. The talk is delivered by two trained youth speakers who share their own mental health stories. They educate audiences about the basics of mental health, including the dual spectrum of mental health on which we all - without exception - exist. Speakers share lessons on how to recognize signs of struggle in themselves and their peers, and how to be there for those who might be struggling. Most importantly, the Talk covers how to connect with resources, so that audiences have actionable next steps they can undertake.

Be There

Be There is a game-changing resource for youth mental health. It’s an educational digital platform on how to be there for someone struggling with their mental health. Be There is a framework that calls the 5 Golden Rules. It includes videos of true stories and relatable examples of how the Golden Rules apply to real life.

Mental Health 101 video

Mental Health Defined. Provides clarity and understanding of the Mental Health Spectrum and Mental and how to identify struggle.

Covid-19 hub resources

A comprehensive list of resources to support your mental health during Covid. Finding accurate information and appropriate resources can be hard., School of Mental Health Ontario and Kids Help Phone have partnered to bring you all the information needed in one easy-to-access hub so that youth mental health remains top of mind, and our communities are able to easily access the education, tools, support and reliable information they need.

Bell for Better - Jay Legapsi,

From coast to coast to coast, is empowering young Canadians to make a difference in mental health. One of these incredible leaders is Jay, who is taking care of his/her/their own mental health while championing better mental health for Canadian youth.