Episode 3: Men and Mental Health

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Men within the BIPOC community face unique barriers when it comes to taking care of their mental health. Whether it’s cultural stigma or orthodox definitions of masculinity, men have historically shied away from seeking help for their mental health. To shed more light on men and their mental health, 20-year student, Shemar Barnett, joins the podcast to share his story of navigating anti-Black racism and exposure to gun violence at a very young age and how it shaped his approach to mental health. Also featured is PhD candidate and mental health advocate, Varun Joshi, who talks about managing family pressures and expectations while also dealing with depression and anxiety. To close the episode, counsellor Khan Bouba-Dalambaye shares his insights into how the idea of resilience and strength in BIPOC communities can sometimes be a trap and a barrier to accessing help.

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