Episode 5: Intergenerational Trauma

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Canada’s Indian residential school system opened in the 1800s but the legacy of those schools is evident even today showing up in high poverty rates, a large number of Indigenous children in foster care, a disproportionate number of Indigenous people in the prison system and hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women. And echoing what the community has been saying for a long time, since May of this year, more than 1,300 graves have been found at or near former residential school grounds. In episode 5, the hosts speak with two residential school survivors, former First Nations Chief Edmund Metatawabin and Roberta Hill of the Six Nations of the Grand River, who give first-hand accounts of the abuse and trauma they endured when they attended these residential schools. The episode also features children and grand-children of residential school survivors, Janet Head from Opaskwayak Cree Nation and author David Robertson, who share the lasting impacts these schools have had on their lives and community. Cree family physician, Dr. James Makokis, also gives an understanding of what intergenerational trauma looks like from a professional lens and leaves us with resources on how intergenerational healing can take place.

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