Stéphanie Fontaine

This year marks the 15th anniversary of Stéphanie’s recovery from bipolar disorder. Before receiving her diagnosis, she was hospitalized on two occasions for depressive and manic episodes that included psychotic elements. In order to resume her activities and the pursuit of her dreams, Stéphanie reached out for professional help with respect to medication, psychotherapy and music therapy. She also turned to community resources which helped her better self-manage her symptoms. The presence or her family and loved ones, together with her employers’ support, were also key to her recovery.

She leads a fulfilling life despite having to manage some residual symptoms. In addition to having led a great career as an actuary, she has travelled the ocean with her husband and son aboard their sailboat. Recently, she put aside her actuarial career to join Revivre, a non-profit organization, with a mandate to make their mental health self-management workshops available to all.

Stephanie’s story demonstrates that no one is immune to mental illness, and that everyone can aspire to recover from it.