Marie‑Soleil Dion

After graduating from the Conservatoire d’art dramatique de Québec in 2007, Marie Soleil Dion saw her career quickly take off when she landed the role of Cathou in the highly popular youth series Vrak la vie. This show would run for six years, during which time the actress also appeared on other sets— Et si?, Subito Texto, Quart de vie and Théorie du KO to name a few. More recently, she joined the team of Like Moi, a skit series that has seen instant success on the Télé-Québec network. In 2015, she tried her hand at hosting alongside Joël Legendre on Lip Sync Battle.   Marie-Soleil has never strayed far from the stage or improv, two areas in which she excels and holds dear. She joined the ranks of two improv leagues, and was named Recruit of the Year by the LIM in 2008 and by the LNI in 2009. She has participated in dozens of theatrical productions including Coco, Ventre and En dessous de vos corps (...), touching on comedy, the absurd and drama. At the moment, she is appearing in PAPA II available online and in L’échappée, a new soap opera on TVA.

She is delighted to be involved for a second time in Bell Let’s Talk. Marie-Soleil’s goal in helping the cause is to spark discussion about mental health, reach out to those suffering in silence, help eradicate stigmatization and open people’s minds— in the hopes that such efforts will open up the dialogue.

Marie-Soleil Dion