Donovan Taplin

Raised in a rural island community, Donovan struggled with depression and anxiety since they were a teenager and had limited access to mental health care. The most crucial element to Donovan's successes in recovery has been finding a sense of belonging as a queer person. In 2013, Donovan became the youngest, and one of the first openly queer people to hold municipal office in the province and lead their Town’s first recognition of Mental Illness Awareness Week and Pride Month. Donovan also served on the Prime Minister’s Youth Council and is currently Vice-Chair of the committee developing Canada’s national standard for post-secondary student mental health, the first of its kind in the world.

Bell Let's Talk Day

SMALL ACTIONS - BIG IMPACT. On Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020, Canadians and people around the world joined in to help create positive change for people living with mental health issues. Thanks to your 154,387,425 messages of support, Bell will donate $7,719,371.25 more to Canadian mental health initiatives.

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The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund

The Bell Let's Talk Community Fund is focused on improving access to supports and services for people living with mental illness through local projects and grassroots organizations in communities all around Canada.

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