Dexter Nyuurnibe

For Dexter, talking about mental health was never something that was openly discussed. Having grown up living in various countries with a single father, he found himself repeatedly as someone who didn’t fit in because of what he looked like. That, along with a traumatic incident at a young age would follow him into university. Dexter’s mental health struggle came to its peak when he tried ending his life in his 3rd year of school. Being diagnosed with depression and facing homelessness, Dexter wondered why no one talked about mental health in his community. This would lead him to disclosing his battle through the school newspaper.

Since then, Dexter has helped organize awareness events, presented a Tedx talk, spoken at summits, universities and high schools and shared his story at a session of the World Bank and WHO in Washington D.C. He’s now working on a project called Dance For Depression that looks to get youth dancing for hope, perseverance and recovery. Dexter lives with Dysthymia and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.