Andrea Paquette

Andrea Paquette, AKA Bipolar Babe, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder at the age of 25 and she suffered deeply with psychosis, mania and depression resulting in two hospitalizations. Andrea experienced a very serious suicide attempt, but over time, she has accepted her illness and found hope in sharing her personal story with others.

In 2009, she created the Bipolar Babe Project and Andrea is now the Founder and Executive Director of the Stigma-Free Society, formerly the Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia. She is also co-founder of the Stigma-Free Zone Program and the Society’s Task-Force is excited to make Vancouver the first stigma-free city in Canada. She has presented her story to over 12,000 people, including youth in schools and numerous organizations across British Columbia.

Andrea has received great recognition for her work as the 2015 Courage To Come Back Award Winner from Coast Mental Health, 2015 Top 20 Under 40 Award for Vancouver Island, 2013 Mel Cooper Citizen of the Year in Victoria, B.C. and the 2013 Award for Youth Mentorship from the National Council for Behavioral Health, Washington D.C. Andrea shares her personal message far and wide that “No matter what our challenges, we can all live extraordinary lives.”