Bell Let's Talk Diversity Fund - Crow Shield Lodge

Waterloo, Tuesday, May 10, 2022

During Mental Health Week 2022, Bell Let’s Talk announced 6 more organizations as recipients of the Bell Let’s Talk Diversity Fund.

Crow Shield Lodge shares how they will support traditional healing for Indigenous communities by taking a holistic approach that incorporates sweat lodge ceremony, community circles, and land-based work.

“Crow Shield Lodge is a place of healing. It’s a place of education and it’s a place for reconciliation. As Indigenous Peoples we believe that none of those can be achieved without first healing the land, without first educating ourselves about our responsibilities to land, and without first reconciling our relationship with our Mother Earth. We are grateful that Bell has chosen to walk with us on this path towards a healthier community for all our relations.”

To learn more about the Bell Let’s Talk Diversity Fund projects, click here.