Get Help

Not sure where to go to find help or who to turn to? Consulting with your healthcare provider or another trusted professional is always a great start. You can also refer to our list of organizations with helpful resources.

If you are looking for online and other resources available to support and help manage your mental health through the COVID-19 situation, click here.

If you are in crisis, please go to your local hospital, call 911 immediately or locate a Crisis Centre in your region.

For children and youth

Caring about and maintaining our mental health is as important as our physical health. It is the ability to enjoy life and deal with everyday challenges. In this section, you will find youth-related resources to support the mental health and well-being of young people.

For seniors

Mental illness is not a normal part of aging. Below are some sources of information and support services to help the elderly living with a mental illness, as well as valuable tools for family members and caregivers.

Culturally specific resources

Having access to culturally relevant mental health supports and services is important to meeting the needs of Canada’s diverse population. The resources below provide culturally specific information and resources for multicultural mental health services, as well as multilingual information on mental health for those whom English is not their first language.

For families and caregivers

As a family member, caregiver or friend supporting someone with mental illness, you may feel confused and anxious about where and how to seek information and treatment. The information below can help you learn more about caregiving and supporting those with mental health issues.

Integrated Youth Services

Integrated Youth Services (IYS) is a pan-Canadian movement to transform services for youth ages 12-25 and their families so that young people can access youth-friendly and culturally appropriate mental health, substance use and related services in one location. IYS initiatives and youth hubs around the country are co-designed by youth, for youth and provide a service model where young people can access multiple supports under one roof, when they need them.

Foundry in British Columbia, Huddle in Manitoba and Youth Wellness Hubs Ontario are provincial IYS networks currently operating youth hubs that provide easy access to a range of services, including virtual care and peer support. ACCESS Open Minds is a pan-Canadian initiative that operates hubs around the country.

Visit their websites to find a youth hub or learn more about their services.